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Google Pixel 3

The Google Pixel 3, launched in October 2018, marked a significant step forward in Google’s smartphone lineup. With a focus on delivering an unparalleled camera experience, clean software, and innovative AI capabilities, the Pixel 3 continues to be a noteworthy device years after its release. Here’s a deep dive into everything you need to know about the Google Pixel 3.

Design and Build Quality

The Google Pixel 3 features a sleek and modern design, characterized by a glass front and back, and an aluminum frame with a hybrid coating. This combination not only gives the phone a premium feel but also supports wireless charging. The device measures 145.6 x 68.2 x 7.9 mm and weighs 148 grams, making it comfortable to hold and use with one hand.


The Pixel 3 sports a 5.5-inch P-OLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels and an 18:9 aspect ratio. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, ensuring durability against scratches and minor drops. The display quality is excellent, offering vibrant colors, deep blacks, and good visibility under direct sunlight. HDR support enhances the viewing experience for compatible content.


Under the hood, the Pixel 3 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, paired with 4GB of RAM. Although newer smartphones have since surpassed these specifications, the Pixel 3 still delivers smooth and responsive performance for everyday tasks, gaming, and multitasking. The device comes with two storage options: 64GB and 128GB, though it lacks expandable storage.


One of the standout features of the Pixel 3 is its camera. Despite having a single 12.2 MP rear camera with an f/1.8 aperture, dual-pixel PDAF, and OIS, the Pixel 3 consistently produces stunning photos. Google’s computational photography, particularly the HDR+ and Night Sight modes, allows the Pixel 3 to capture detailed and well-exposed images even in challenging lighting conditions. The front houses a dual-camera setup, comprising an 8 MP wide-angle lens and an 8 MP standard lens, perfect for selfies and group photos.


The Pixel 3 runs on a clean, stock version of Android, ensuring a bloatware-free experience. At launch, it came with Android 9.0 Pie, but it has since received updates to newer versions of Android, with Google promising timely security updates and OS upgrades. Features like Google Assistant integration, Active Edge for quickly accessing the assistant by squeezing the sides of the phone, and Digital Wellbeing tools make the user experience seamless and intuitive.

Battery Life

The Pixel 3 is equipped with a 2915 mAh battery, which provides a full day of moderate use. The inclusion of an 18W fast charger and support for Qi wireless charging offers flexibility in keeping the device powered up. Battery management features in the software further optimize usage to extend battery life.

Additional Features

  • Security: The Pixel 3 features a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, which is fast and reliable.
  • Audio: While it lacks a headphone jack, the Pixel 3 offers stereo speakers that deliver impressive audio quality. It also comes with a pair of USB-C earbuds in the box.
  • Connectivity: The device supports Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, and is IP68 dust/water resistant, making it a versatile companion for various connectivity needs.

Even several years after its release, the Google Pixel 3 remains a solid choice for those who prioritize camera quality, timely software updates, and a pure Android experience. Its design, performance, and innovative features continue to make it relevant in the ever-evolving smartphone market. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a fan of Google’s ecosystem, the Pixel 3 is a device that’s worth considering.


The Google Pixel 3 initially launched with a price tag starting at $799.

As of October 29, 2021, the Pixel 3 remains a beloved choice for its exceptional camera and pure Android experience. Perfect for those who value quality and simplicity!

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